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Be Bold. Do Epic Shit.

Hi! My name is Chris A. Allen. I aim to live a stoic essentialist life.

I do not collect unnecessary clutter and trinkets. I do not try "keep up with the Joneses" renting that Insta lifestyle. I do not accumulate consumer debt. I enjoy simplicity. I believe it is true, any fool can make simple things complicated. I appreciate decisiveness, brevity and clarity. I regard personal accountability as a necessary trait for successful self reliance.

I am a staunch Bitcoiner, with an unwavering belief in the power of 100% Bitcoin. I recognize the shortcomings of inefficient governments and the corruption festering in decaying legacy institutions. Bitcoin, as the only genuinely decentralized cryptocurrency, offers a groundbreaking alternative to these flawed systems. It paves the way for a future that champions self-sovereignty, financial freedom, and true autonomy.

I do not respect weakness, learned helplessness, laziness, political correctness or timidity. Be an adult. If you fuck something up, own it, make it right. Do not blame society or your history. You cannot change your circumstances but you can change yourself. Ask for help when needed, this takes more courage than to act alone.

Know yourself. You cannot truly call yourself peaceful unless you are capable of great violence. If you are not capable of violence, you are not peaceful, you are harmless. This is an important distinction. I value logic, discipline, resilience, courage, adaptability, integrity and strength. I believe it best to speak plainly and honor your commitments.

My personal goal is to be a better man today than I was yesterday. By being a man of action and boldly charting my own path. By embracing my fears. By living life on my own terms. By positively impacting the lives of those fellow action takers around me.

Fortune favors the bold.

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"It is the duty of every man to do epic shit and live an adventurous life."

- Chris A. Allen

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